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The Zoning Cell has been discontinued and will ring to the office line at 616-636-8570 ext 204. 

If you need to reach Zoning immediately, please leave a message with another office staff member.

2022 Zoning Permit Fees

Zoning Permit Fees​

See Zoning Permit Application for more details.

    • House, Modular, Double-wide, additions: $85

    • Enclose Porch: $85

    • Residential Towers: $85

    • Open Deck: $85

    • Garage/Pole Barn: $85

    • Swimming Pool: $85

    • Signs: $85

    • Variance or Rezoning: $450

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Wind Ordinance 2021-01


The Pierson Township Board voted unanimously to leave the setback for Commercial/Non-Participating at 4X (page 11) and increased the number to 4X on page 8 section (ii) . Click here for the Wind Ordinance. 


Note: the publication notice showed the ordinance no. as 2021-01 as of June 2021, however, the changes were approved to the 2020-01 ordinance. The number was changed to 2021-01 with the June 2021 approved updates, no other changes were made.

 If you have questions, please contact Orvin Moore at 616-302-5000 or stop by on a Tuesday at the Township office and talk to the Zoning staff.

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