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Lance Gates
616-636-8570 ext. 204

The Zoning Cell has been discontinued and will ring to the office line at 616-636-8570 ext 204. 

If you need to reach Zoning immediately, please leave a message with another office staff member.

Zoning Permit Fees

Zoning Permit Fees​

See Zoning Permit Application for more details.

    • House, Modular, Double-wide, additions: $85

    • Enclose Porch: $85

    • Residential Towers: $85

    • Open Deck: $85

    • Garage/Pole Barn: $85

    • Swimming Pool: $85

    • Signs: $85

    • Variance or Rezoning: $1,500

    • Escrow Fee Chart

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Wind Ordinance 2021-01

Click here for:   zoning ordinances

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rental property

On 2/16/22, Pierson Township approved and put in force an ordinance to register and have inspected all homes and apartments that are rented out (Ordinance 2022-01).  The intent of this ordinance is to ensure rental properties meet health, safety and property conditions that comply with State, current Pierson Township ordnances and standards of the International Property Maintenance Codes. To obtain information on how to register your property, get your property inspected, fees, inspection standards that will be measured, and how to arrange for an inspection, please the link   You may also come to the Township office.

If you rent your property, be it a home or apartment, YOU MUST register the property and have it inspected.  Registration is now open.


The basic mechanics of the program are as follows;

  1. Registration is open now. To register your property and arrange for an inspection, either come to the Township office to obtain a form, or click here to print registration form. Summary of the Ordinance can found here.

  2. After your initial inspection and the property passes, no further inspections will be required for 4 years, providing there are no complaints filed against the property during the 4-year period. If the property fails the first inspection, once the property meets code, inspections will be required every 2 years, providing there a no complaints filed against the property in the 2-year time frame.

  3. Once you register your rental property(s), contact Imperial Municipal Services – (616) 863-9294,, the Townships contracted inspector.  You will arrange the inspection with them and pay the contractor direct.  The fee for the inspection costs $110.00

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact Lance Gates, Pierson Township Zoning Administrator,



Dan Buyze, Pierson Township Supervisor

Lance Gates, Pierson Township Zoning Administrator

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Registration & inspection fee schedule:

  • Registrations $25

  • Inspection fee - $110.00.  Inspections will be performed by Imperial Municipal Services.  They will be paid direct by the property owner.  Their contact information is above.


The Pierson Township Board voted unanimously to leave the setback for Commercial/Non-Participating at 4X (page 11) and increased the number to 4X on page 8 section (ii) . Click here for the Wind Ordinance. 


Note: the publication notice showed the ordinance no. as 2021-01 as of June 2021, however, the changes were approved to the 2020-01 ordinance. The number was changed to 2021-01 with the June 2021 approved updates, no other changes were made.

 If you have questions, please contact Lance Gates - contact information above.

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