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This drone video is from October 2022. We are just seeing grass since this video. Still working on the grass! 

Below is the March 2023 Image: 

The Pierson Township Community Park is ready to play!

The Official Park opening day and community picnic planning is in the works, but the park is ready!


We thank the community & friends for supporting the Community Park and please join us for future events as we raise funds to continue to grow the park! Watch for opening day celebration information!

 Four items will be added in the spring of 2024:

a) Health Ladder (traditional monkey bars) for brachiating overhead climbing for ages 5-12

b) Dune Buggy spring toy, for 2-5 years

c) G6 (a compact spinner toy) for up to 6 kids between 5-12 years

d)Coghill” play structure for 2-5 years includes slides and crawl tubes

Drone Park full image feb 2023.jpg
Basketball Fundraising Flyer.png
Partner Opportunities (1).png
Coghill transparent





Park Rules & Regulations

At the August 2023 Board meeting an Ordinance was adopted for the rules and regulations of the park. These rules are basic in nature, but are necessary to help keep order and prevent damages. The ordinance publish date is Sat, August 25 and effective on September 25, 2023.


We hope park users and guests enjoy the park, while also protecting the investment to the community.  We thank our sponsors, tax payers and donors for a beautiful park for our use!  Should you have questions or wish to report an damage report please email.

Community Park

Prelim Concept Apr 2022.jpg

Winslow park - boat launch

Winslow Park was dedicated to the public in 1923

so the the people could enjoy the beauty of

Big Whitefish Lake

Winslow Park SB.jpg

We look forward to developing Winslow Park into a family friendly environment for all to enjoy!   


Signs have been placed for parking for the safety of the visitors and the residents of the lake. We have added a Donation Station for users to help provide services for porta-potties, trash service and maintenance.


Please be courteous of the residents of the lake, as to park where allowed.

LWL DNR - boat launch

There is lake access at Little Whitefish Lake owned and maintained by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  This 3.19 acre site has a gravel parking, rules signage, restroom and boat launch.

This wooded area is nestled along the residential homes of Little Whitefish Lake residents.


Please be courteous of the residents of the lake.

LWL DNR S Burkholder.jpg
LWL DNR Parking sburkholder.jpg

White Pine Trail


The White Pine Trail is owned and maintained by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail is the longest rail/trail stretching a distance of 92 miles on the former Grand Rapids and Indiana Rail bed. 



The White Pine Trail was paved late 2022 from Sand Lake to Howard City by the DNR using grant funds.

For more information
follow and support West Michigan Trails Magazine.

For more information about
the Sand Lake - Pierson - Howard City development.

Sand Lake to Stanwood.

and watch for future developments.

Paving Pierson.jpeg
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