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Community Park

Since 2020, the Township has utilized ARPA funds, county ARPA donations, and community donations to build the first park in Pierson Township. The Parks & Recreation crew has raised close to $30,000 with “Flocking”, pop can donations, tee shirts, Mom Prom and dance events, paint nights, and craft shows.


After considerable research into required health codes, EGLE and operational requirements, staff and supplies for a splash pad, we discovered even a small pad could have a price-tag of over $380K just to install. The Parks & Recreation committee and board have decided to let this idea remain on the “dream” board.  The township Recreation Plan is due for an update in 2025 and we will be looking for ideas for the final area to develop. Stay tuned for input opportunities.


We have come far since the new 2020 Township Board began work on recreational opportunities for all age groups.  We are proud of the park; and the public had a great deal to do with in concept and financial support. 


We will have upcoming opportunities for you to continue supporting the park!

06.09.2024      Park Opening Ceremony & Community Picnic - 

Want to volunteer? Email Click for Details!

Park Opening Map.png
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