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The Parks & Recreation team is humbled and grateful for the help, donations and contributions of the community to make the Pierson Township Community Park a reality. 

We  welcome all helpers, donators and dreamers to participate in this exciting venture for Pierson Township.


Parks & Rec

Committee Members:

Sara Burkholder 

Ellie Newsome

Rainell Carle

Laurie Hrydziuszko

Jerry Poisson 


This drone video is from October 2022. We are just seeing grass since this video. We will have a ne drone video soon! So much has changed!

See gallery below for Park progress photos

and the stock images of new pieces!

The Pierson Township Community Park has had quite a first year! We are excited to have FIVE additional pieces recently installed just waiting on mulch for the "clear to play". Pickleball courts will be completed by September 15! The pavilion and picnic tables have been generously donated by Jay & Diane Bassett and will be coming in September 2023.

Unfortunately, Pierson Township was not selected to receive the DNR Trust Fund Grant in 2022. In order to continue the park development we will begin a Sponsorship Campaign to allow our residents and friends the opportunity to purchase items for the park or donate funds towards the possibility of a Splash Pad or future development.  See our park dreams in the "Proposed" in slideshow.  

We thank the community & friends for supporting the Community Park and please join us for future events as we raise funds to continue to grow the park!

Pierson Township Community Park

Prelim Concept Apr 2022.jpg


Unicorn Festival 6/24/22 Photos

Daddy Daughter Dance 6/17/2022 Photos

Pierson Twp Mom Prom 5/7/22 Photos

P&R Can Drive.jpg

Currently there is a Pop Can for Parks Drive going on. There are clean trash totes outside the township hall for donations of cans & bottles. 


Thank you for sharing your cans!


Group photo Jan event.jpg
March Paint Night Guests art.jpg

Watch for future Paint Events! Food, friendship and FUNdraising for the Pierson Township Parks & Recreation Fund!

Follow on the  Special Events Page.


Pierson Township  received a generous land donation from Jay and Diane Bassett of just under three acres, behind the Township Hall.  This land, in combination of land already held by the Township, will be developed into an approximate five-acre community multi-use park/recreation area.


Click date for meeting minutes or agenda

Meetings are open to the public and reminders will be posted on the Facebook page and the door of the Township Hall. Sign up for email reminders by clicking here.

The committee is an advisory committee to the Township Board. The Parks & Recreation Committee welcomes the public to attend and help grow recreation in Pierson Township.

Winslow park - boat launch


Winslow Park was dedicated to the public in 1923 so the the people could enjoy the beauty of Big Whitefish Lake.  We look forward to developing Winslow Park into a family friendly environment for all to enjoy!   


Signs have been placed for parking for the safety of the visitors and the residents of the lake. We have added a Donation Station for users to help provide services for porta-potties, trash service and maintenance.


Please be courteous of the residents of the lake, as to park where allowed.

Winslow Park SB.jpg

LWL DNR - boat launch

There is lake access at Little Whitefish Lake owned and maintained by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  This 3.19 acre site has a gravel parking, rules signage, restroom and boat launch.

This wooded area is nestled along the residential homes of Little Whitefish Lake residents. Please be courteous of the residents of the lake.

LWL DNR S Burkholder.jpg
LWL DNR Parking sburkholder.jpg

White Pine Trail


The White Pine Trail is owned and maintained by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail is the longest rail/trail stretching a distance of 92 miles on the former Grand Rapids and Indiana Rail bed. 

Great News!  The DNR is using grant funds and the paving is happening currently!  Estimated target date for completion is end of October or mid-November 2022. 



Resolutions were signed by Villages of Howard City, Pierson and Sand Lake and Reynolds and Pierson Township to show our support and request for funding to pave the remaining 7 acres!  


White pine Pierson 2.png

White Pine Trail,
Pierson Township

Paving from
Sand Lake to Howard City
paving -
October 2022

White Pine Trail paving.jpg
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