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Pierson Township would like to create a contact database for Sewer Customers.  Please when submitting your payment, indicate a contact phone or email that would be suitable for sewer contacts.  

For sale or transfer of property please email clerk@piersontwp.org to update billing information.  For new hook-up information and pricing, please email clerk@piersontwp.org.

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Sara Burkholder, Clerk

616-636-8570 ext 206



Lydia Orcutt, Treasurer   


616-636-8570 ext 201 

Tami Piatt, Deputy Treasurer  deptreasurer@piersontwp.org

616-636-8570 ext 200

Late Notice Billings
A one time 10% penalty is added to late billings and a recurring 1% will be added to late billings.

Sewer Advisory Committee or "SAC"

The Sewer Authority Committee "SAC" will meet twice or more a year to discuss the Sewer systems, budgets, maintenance and flows.

The 2022 schedule will be posted soon.

The committee is comprised of: 

Miles Underwood - Big Whitefish Lake
Brent Boden Little Whitefish Lake
Steve Campbell - Little Whitefish Lake
Bob Coffin from Little Whitefish Lake
Supervisor Dan Buyze
VF&Operations Team  

The SAC will oversee budgets and planning of the sewer systems and treatment center. 

Meeting Schedule
(Agenda or Minutes when available):
April 20, 2021 Minutes
July 22, 2021
October 19, 2021
January 18, 2022

Pierson Township: Sewer Management

The Transition from Montcalm County Drain Commission to Pierson Township is underway!
April Sewer billings for both Little Whitefish and Big Whitefish Sewer were mailed from the County on the Pierson paper on April 1.

Little Whitefish had a second, corrected billing on 4/2 with debt service. Please pay the Debt Service & O/M. Two checks are fine.

Checks are to be payable to Pierson Township Treasurer and mailed or dropped off at the township.
21156 W. Cannonsville Rd, Pierson, MI 49339.

The Township Board along with it's refinance team of Miller Cranfield and Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors along with Attorney Rob Thall closed on the refinance of the 1997 & 2006 Little Whitefish Lake Sewer Bond on April 8 with a lower interest rate and 15 year end.  The Debt Account will be billed at 2.95% for the 15 year term. 

Pierson Township has received half of the O/M funds from both LWL & BWL and all Debt Account funds.  The County Drain Commission is doing an audit of the account, then the remainder of the funds will be transferred to the township. 

The Sewer Advisory Committee "SAC" will then look at the accounts, O/M and debt amounts being collected to address the schedule of fees being collected.



On August 17 the Township Board approved the County Drain offer of 1/2 the variance of the Sewer Audit of the BWL & LWL Sewer accounts.

If it is discovered there are  misappropriated funds between accounts , they will be corrected by Pierson Township.


On August 10, 2021 at 6 pm the Township Board held a meeting to discuss the findings of the County Audit of the Big Whitefish Lake Sewer O/M Fund and the Little Whitefish Lake Sewer O/M Fund.

In attendance with the Board (Bergman absent) was the Sewer Advisory Committee, Todd Sattler the County Drain Commissioner, Pat Carr, County Commissioner, and Ron Baker, County Commissioner.  In addition, Kevin Gilfillian the BWL Association President and Brent Boden, President of the LWL Association. Many lake residents were present.

For the draft minutes from the meeting click here.  They will be approved at the next Board meeting on August 17 at 7 pm.

Even though the BWL and LWL associations approved taking the County offer of half the variance, the Board was unable to pass a motion.  This will go on the Board Agenda on August 17.