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Send us a message to verify your address with the Bureau of Elections Street Indexing system the new Voter Precinct. 
Note - Voter cards have already been sent to print, so you may receive a card with incorrect information. . 

Thanks for submitting! We will have this address verified.

Pierson Township residents: 

Pierson has grown! We were approached by our County Clerk that we were approaching the number of registered voters to require two precincts.  The Board decided to be proactive in this decision and split during a Gubernatorial election year instead of a Presidential election year. The precinct split consists of a split of the voting households for the township. This is done through street indexing at the Bureau of Elections and the Secretary of State systems.


The creation of two precincts was done just before the absentee ballots went out  for the August 2, 2022 election. Voter Id Cards were sent to print but were unfortunately not available before the election.  During the August election it was discovered there were residents that were in the wrong precinct according to the split map of North/South of Cannonsville Rd. So, we are asking that voters check the Michigan Voter Information Center for their precinct and if it appears in the wrong precinct to send the Clerk a note to verify. 

We thank you for your assistance in making  the voter experience  accurate for all voters! 

Sara Burkholder, Clerk 

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