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Road committee

The Road committee is an advisory committee to the Township Board. The Road Committee meets annually the first few months each year in the spring to discuss upcoming road needs for the township and offers recommendations to the Township Board.


Meetings are open to the public.  Projects for suggestion should complete the request form below and submit to Routine project requests should be submitted prior to the fiscal year budget meetings, March of each year.  

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The Board this year adopted Resolution 2022-14 which included special ballot language for a Road Special Assessment for the November 8, 2022  Election for a four-year 1.5 millage.  

Unfortunately, the proposal was not passed with 1065 voters voting no, and 617 voters voting yes. 


There were two Open Houses held for a Q&A from the community about why this is necessary and answer questions on Sept 13 at 6 pm and October 18 at 6 pm. 

How does Pierson get funds for Roads? Click here for the pdf of the presentation. The Board and Road Committee will have future discussions about how to fund roads due to the failure of the millage.  Next Road Committee Meeting on Tuesday, December 13 at 6 pm.  Meetings are open to the public.

2022 Road Committee Meetings​
2022 Road Committee Meetings​
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