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2020 Special  Assessment Info

Little Whitefish Lake &

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 Sewer Dispute

Pierson Township Welcomes New County Commissioner Tony Sorensen. Tony however, has decided not to run for the seat in 2020.

Todd Stattler has replaced Sandy Raines as Drain Commissioner in February 2020. The County has hired an accounting firm to assist with the books for the FOIA Suit.

At the August 2019 Board Meeting the Pierson Township Board has retained legal council to assist with the Sewer Dispute. Progress is slow, but rest assured, your Board is committed!

The Board continues to support the LWL & BWL Sewer District Residents and will do whatever is legal and just to assist the tax payers.

January of 2019 the Pierson Township Board of Directors made motion to follow an attorney recommendation to begin a dispute resolution process on behalf of the Little Whitefish Lake residents. 


According to the contract with the Montcalm County Drain Commission, a Sewer Committee was established for four members, one appointment from the Pierson Township Board, one member appointed by each the LWL and BWL Associations along with the County Drain Commissioner. The Sewer Committee was to meet periodically as needed, but not less often than annually.  Said meetings have not been happening and the LWL residents and the Pierson Township Board have been requesting documentation from the Drain Commissioner concerning the loan balance and financial records to no avail.

William (Bill) VanTil, Supervisor of the Pierson Township Board invited Sandy Raines the Montcalm County Drain Commissioner, Tom Porter the District 8 Commissioner (Pierson, Maple Valley & Pine Township), Pat Carr the Chairman of the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners to a Special Meeting held on June 7, 2019. The meeting was to discuss and allow the Commissioners to answer questions regarding the LWL & BWL (Big Whitefish Lake) REU (residential equivalency unit), capacity, details and financials and information about the Bond holder.


Sandy Raines and Tom Porter were not in attendance, however, Pat Carr was joined by Bob Clingenpeel the Montcalm County Controller and Phil Kohn of District 5.  Many Little Whitefish Lake (LWL) residents were in attendance.

The meeting minutes were approved on July 9, 2019 click for attachments of the contract (also above), first amendment, proposed rebonding and 2016 list of accounts.

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