Cemetery Rules

  1. No glass containers are to be left in the cemetery.

  2. All planted flowers, pots, urns, or ornaments must be within 12" of headstone.

  3. No trees or shrubs shall be planted in any lot.

  4. All flowers, urns, pots must be removed wen they show deterioration.

  5. All refuse must be placed in trash bins.

  6. The Township has the authority to remove all unauthorized, faded, or damaged items from grave site.

  7. The Township is not responsible for items left in the cemetery.

Cemetery Burial Logs

Burial logs are in .PDF format for easier viewing, downloading, and printing. 

Pierson Cemetery Pricing

Resident Tax Payer:  $50.00 per grave

Non-Resident: $500.00 per grave

Grave Opening: $450.00 per grave

Cremation: $150.00

Winter Pricing begins December 15:

$750.00 for casket burial

$250 for cremains

Connie Brown

Cemetery Contact