board of review

The Road committee is an advisory committee to the Township Board. The Road Committee meets annually the first few months each year in the spring to discuss upcoming road needs for the township and offers recommendations to the Township Board.


Meetings are open to the public.  Projects for suggestion should complete the request form below and submit to Routine project requests should be submitted prior to the fiscal year budget meetings, March of each year.  

Board of Review Members:
Kathi Coffin
Caleb Sower
Orvin Moore
Jack Gravelyn

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Board of Review Meetings

21156 W. Cannonsville Rd

Pierson, MI 49339

to schedule: 

Call Carl at 616-636-8570 Tuesdays 9a-2pm 




MONDAY - March 14:  

9a-12p & 1p-4p


WEDNESDAY - March 16

1p-4p & 6p-9p